Talk about sound branding with John Groves, Sunday 23rd October 2016 at 3pm

This Sunday at 3pm: sound branding with John Groves in his studio at Groves Sound Branding GmbH

When you think of branding and corporate identity, perhaps your first association is communicating a company’s identity and values by choosing logo designs, colour schemes, fonts, communication guidelines and the rest of it. But what about sound? John Groves, MD of Groves Sound Branding GmbH John Groves has kindly agreed to tell us all about sound branding and show us his studio at…
Making music with virtual reality – demonstration at the Reeperbahn Festival Conference 2016

Being a stage host at the Reeperbahnfestival 2016

On 22nd and 23rd September I helped out at the Reeperbahn Festival Conference, playing my part as a stage host in the Theater Schmidt. The conference is an adjunct to the 10-year-old Reeperbahn Festival, a music festival that happens in Hamburg’s famous red-light district which is also the site of many music clubs. The festival-conference combo is modelled on South By…

Ich bin Mehrwertpartner der Profiloptimierer

Seit kurzem bin ich Mehrwertpartner der Profiloptimierer, das heißt ich unterstütze Holger Ahrens und seine anderen kompetenten Partner in der Optmierung von digitalen (beruflichen) Profilen. Konkret heißt das, ich übersetze beispielsweise LinkedIn-Profile, wenn jemand seinen Profil zweisprachig haben möchte. Unsere Partnerschaft ist entstanden nachdem wir mehrfach erfolgreich zusammen gearbeitet haben. Ich freue mich!
profiloptimierer logo

I’m a Profiloptimierer “value-added partner”

I’ve recently become a Profiloptimierer “value-added partner”, which means I’ll be continuing to support Holger Ahrens and his other excellent partners in optimising people’s digital profiles, mainly for business purposes. Specifically, I’ll be translating e.g. LinkedIn profiles for people who need them in both English and German. Our partnership came about after we worked together a few times and it…