Strategic Marketing Award

There are so many media channels and the marketing world moves so fast that businesses could be forgiven for wanting the world to stop for them to get off. Well there’s no need to be overwhelmed: pausing for a moment (or perhaps a little longer) to see the big picture helps. That’s how I see Marketing strategy: getting your strategy straight means you and your staff will find it easier to make day-to-day decisions on what channels to use, whom you are trying to reach, whom you aren’t trying to reach, and how to engage them.

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Brand Britain – an interesting article in Catalyst

A mini with a Union Jack on the roof.

An article in the latest edition of „Catalyst“, the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s quarterly magazine for members, spoke to various marketing people about „Brand Britain“ after Brexit. Unfortunately, it’s not available online – but here’s a quick summary from me and a couple more thoughts. It would be great to hear what you think.

So here goes – don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only relaying what was written in the article.

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Is Marketing „everything“? Understanding apparently inflated definitions

Everything or nothing (text)

What’s the first thing you learn when you embark upon a formal qualification in Marketing? Yes, it’s the definition of Marketing itself. According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, that would be:

… the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

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