Open letter to the Anglo-German Club e.V.

Is sexism British?

Update: the open letter has since been featured in The Local and The Times.

This week, a video of Andy Murray at a Wimbledon press conference did the rounds on social media. It showed him correcting a journalist when he said Sam Querrey, who had just knocked Murray out of the tournament, was „the first US player to reach a major semi-final since 2009“. In fact, the US women players had been much more successful, but nevertheless ignored by the journalists.

Here in Hamburg, the Anglo-German Club e.V. thinks sexism is part of the „English charm“ of their club. For years, it has refused to allow women to become members. I and a large group of other Germanophile Brits and Anglophile Germans are trying to do something about it. We wrote an open letter, and notified the press. Yesterday an article about us was published and the Anglo-German Club refused to budge, saying excluding women is part of the charm of an English gentlemen’s club. However, they did say the board would consider the issue and make a statement, but didn’t say when.

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