Hamburg Brexit event – writeup

Picture from Brexit event in Hamburg

Picture from Brexit event in Hamburg

Yesterday evening (30th March 2016) was the long-awaited Brexit event in Hamburg and – wow – what an evening!

Where it all started

It all started with the Berlin event, which Jon Worth organised. Brian Melican was on the panel during that event too, and the two of them thought it would be good to get something similar sorted in Hamburg. So I agreed to help, and booked the room and started asking around for people to speak. Louise Brown agreed straight away, which was a great relief – I’d already booked a BIG location and we needed a good moderator to help fill it! I asked Tina Stadlmayer (a journalist I know from the Kultwerk West team) if she had any ideas whom I could ask to tell us about UK-Germany relations – and she suggested Annette Dittert. I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed to take part as luckily she had time on just that evening.

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30th March 2016: Brits, Brexit (and beer) – Hamburg Edition

British car

Jon Worth, Brian Melican and I are organising an event to discuss the UK’s referendum on leaving the EU (or „Brexit“).

Time: 19.00
Date: 30th March 2016
PlaceSaal 73 (Schulterblatt 73, in the Schanze)

Hashtag: #HHBritsBrexit

Further details will be announced shortly here and on the Facebook event – but you can find an outline below.

Please confirm on or via the Facebook event if you wish to attend. This will help to give us an idea of how many people want to come.


Over 4,000 Brits live in Hamburg. We can because EU freedom of movement rights allow us to live here. But what happens if the UK leaves the European Union?

Come along to this informal event to discuss:

  • what’s likely to actually happen – will the UK leave?
  • what do German politicians think of this whole thing?
  • if the UK does leave, what then?
  • how to register to vote in the EU referendum
  • how to apply for German citizenship if you need it

Event timing

  • From 1900 – doors open
  • From 1930 – quick presentations and Q&A
  • From 2100 – back to the informal discussions / beer / food

There will be a €4 charge to attend to cover room hire costs. Please pay in cash at the door (and bring change if possible).


Jon Worth

Jon WorthJon Worth is an EU blogger and political consultant, based in Berlin. He will explain why the event is taking place, and how to register to vote in the referendum. More about Jon on his website,

Annette Dittert

Annette Dittert

Annette Dittert was ARD’s (German state broadcaster’s) foreign correspondent in the UK from 2008 – 2015. She still lives in London, commuting between there and Hamburg. Until 2008 she was posted to countries across the world – winning awards for her work in Poland and heading up the ARD studio in New York from 2006 – 2008.

More on her website (in German) at or on Wikipedia.

Louise Brown

Originally from London, Louise Brown moved to Germany as a teenager. She is an author and journalist. More information to follow. Louise will moderate the event.

TBC – someone who can talk about applying for German citizenship.

More information to follow.

Event organisers

We’re a bunch of politically concerned Brits organising this. There’s no official organisation helping out. We just think this issue is important, and if you think so too, join us!

Please confirm your attendance on Facebook, or drop me an e-mail on, so we have a rough idea how many people will attend.

Politics and language

Please note that this event is non-partisan – we each have our own views about the referendum, and whether what David Cameron is doing is right. Advocates of Remain and Leave are welcome to attend. All speeches will be in English. However as all panellists also speak German, questions can be posed in German.