About Me

I grew up in Birmingham and went to university in Exeter, a lovely city in southwestern England, and then Saarbrücken, Germany, just over the border from France. After a brief stint back in Birmingham, my wife and I moved to Hamburg in 2010.

The best bit about Hamburg is Schleswig-Holstein, the neighbouring state with lovely countryside and two coasts. But the best thing about Schleswig-Holstein is Hamburg, the nearby, rather affluent city that’s significant enough to sustain a thriving media industry, international port and aviation sector (Airbus) but undiscovered enough that you sometimes have a café by the canal to yourself just when the waterlilies are in full bloom. They say an Englishman is born a double scotch below par, so the near-Nordic gloominess in winter when the sun never rises properly, the notoriously non-garrulous northerners, and generous precipitation suit me just fine.

Since I picked up my Gewerbeanmeldung at the municipal office in Eppendorf, I’ve worked for a variety of great clients. They all need my help talking about what they do in a way that shows they understand their clients, and helps their clients understand them. Whether – to borrow a metaphor from a hairdresser – they just need a short back and sides or a full consultation, wash, colour, cut, styling and blow-dry: it’s ultimately about gently encouraging their clients to move a little further along the sales funnel.

I usually work remotely, so am available to work for pretty much anyone with an internet connection.