Put your Brexit questions to the British Embassy

British car

Nick Teller, the British Honorary Consul for Hamburg, has organised an open evening with a representative of the British Embassy so British citizens can ask their Brexit-related questions. Here are the details:

In co-operation with Nicholas Teller, the British Honorary Consul in Hamburg, the First Secretary at the British Embassy in Berlin, Tim Jones, will hold this open meeting in Hamburg to discuss citizens’ rights following Brexit.
There will be a Questions and Answers session after Tim´s speech. To provide an effective meeting it would be helpful if you considered in advance any questions you may have. After the meeting there will be a short get together.

Please register your attendance at by latest Weds 22 November. As attendance numbers are limited please only come if you are a British citizen in Hamburg and are directly affected by the topic of EU citizens rights post Brexit. Attendance will be accepted on a first come first served basis. We reserve the right to limit numbers according to capacity.

The invitation that was sent round by email can be found here: Open Meeting_Brexit_HH_29 Nov 2017_


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