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For many years now, I’ve been involved in Marketing one way or other. Learning on the job is a fine thing – but formal education is often a good way of consolidating knowledge, giving it some structure and filling in a few gaps. That’s why I decided to embark on a recognised qualification in Marketing. After some research and a recommendation from a friend, I decided to pursue the Diploma in Professional Marketing, which is a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification. I chose to learn partly by distance learning and partly in-person, with intensive weekends in Birmingham. The course is run by the Oxford College of Marketing.

My first course was 8th and 9th April in the beatifully sunny Cannon Hill Park. Spending two full days listening to a guy talk about Marketing might not sound like everyone’s idea of a fun weekend, but to my surprise it was rather enjoyable.

What is Marketing?

Marketing begins from the premise that the best way to success is understanding one’s customers and finding the most efficient and effective way to satisfy those needs while making a profit. It then goes into a lot of detail about how to do that – for example, using the SOSTAC framework, which is a mnemonic for Situation, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions, Control. Those are then broken down into many more tools and frameworks for coming up with an overall Marketing strategy. So it’s about a lot more than what Marketing departments often do – it’s not just attracting as much attention as possible to a product without having being involved in its development.

Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham
This is what other people were doing.

What now?

I have no plan to stop doing what I’ve been doing so far – copywriting, translation and the odd bit of online marketing. However, I think of that as being under a general Marketing umbrella and will be expanding my range of services to include Marketing strategy over time. That could take the form of workshops addressing certain stages of the planning process, or consulting, or something I haven’t thought of yet.


Originally from Birmingham, UK. Studied Law at Exeter and Saarbrücken from 2001 - 2005. Moved to Hamburg in 2010.