This Sunday at 3pm: sound branding with John Groves in his studio at Groves Sound Branding GmbH

Talk about sound branding with John Groves, Sunday 23rd October 2016 at 3pm

When you think of branding and corporate identity, perhaps your first association is communicating a company’s identity and values by choosing logo designs, colour schemes, fonts, communication guidelines and the rest of it. But what about sound?

John Groves, MD of Groves Sound Branding GmbH

John Groves, MD of Groves Sound Branding GmbH
John Groves, MD of Groves Sound Branding GmbH

John Groves has kindly agreed to tell us all about sound branding and show us his studio at Groves Sound Branding GmbH. He will start off by finding out who we are and what we are interested in, then give a talk, followed by the opportunity to ask questions.

Date: Sunday 23rd October
Time: 3pm-4pm
Place: Isekai 20, 20249 Hamburg
RSVP by email, see below

You may have heard of John: he’s a well-known and very successful composer, music producer and pioneer of sound branding who has lived in Hamburg since 1983. His early work included the music for adverts we know and love: Mentos (“fresh goes better”) and Bacardi (“sippin’ on Bacardi rum”).

In the early 90s he developed a system for creating and implementing brand and corporate sound identities and has been helping people harness the power of sound to influence moods, perceptions and emotions ever since.

His company, Groves Sound Branding GmbH, has its headquarters in Hamburg (where we’ll meet) and has offices across the globe in China, Dubai, the USA, Chile, Netherlands and Sweden.

Limited places – RSVP by email

If you want to come and find out about sound branding, about John and how he has turned his musical talent and passion into a successful career and business, then send me an email with your full name and telephone number on

We’re limited to 10 people so please be sure to sign up, and if you can’t make it please tell me so someone else can have your place.

Looking forward to seeing you on 23rd October!


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