John Heaven

Marketing (Copywriting & Translation)

About Me

Hello! I’m John Heaven. I can help you with marketing.

Understanding your business from a customer’s perspective is the best way to get your marketing firing on all cylinders. I can help you do that, using my knowledge and experience to help you and your organisation select appropriate customer segments and adapt to serve them better than anyone else.

I can also roll up my sleeves and help you promote your business through original texts, both for online and offline use, or translate existing documents from German to English. I’ve got a strong background in online media, including a deep technical understanding of CMSs – so pick my brain on your online marketing if you like.

I’ve written and translated texts on a wide variety of subjects in the past: medicine, law, politics, local government especially spatial planning, kitchen appliances and much more.

As an Affiliated Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, I am working towards a Diploma in Professional Marketing. My first degree was a Bachelor and Master in English Law and German Law from the University of Exeter (UK) and Saarland University (Germany).

Work with me in English or in German – whichever you are more comfortable with.

John Heaven


Selected clients

Mehrwertpartner der Profiloptimierer

die-profiloptimiererI work with Holger Ahrens and the “Profiloptimierer“, translating international LinkedIn profiles and CVs. We help leaders and international businesspeople present their skills and experiences professionally in international markets.

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